A wonderland brimmed with spirit of children.

This is a place full of marvels and surprises, fun and freedom; a place filled with hearty laughter and cheerful voices; and a place permeated with creative ideas and thoughts.

Nurturing elves with warm heart and bright eyes.

Every child is an elf, so vivid, agile and creative. We believe children are capable learners and complete individuals. So, we need to nurture and respect their natural growth, and protect their born-with curiosity.

Children get to explore the world with their bright eyes, and to experience inner change, the goodness of life and the joy of growing together deep in their heart.

There are strong connections among childrens games, learning and life; cognition and emotion; expression and action. On this basis, we have designed and developed “Life-based Enlightenment” curriculum in a holistic and comprehensive way to help children recognize their own emotions, and develop expressions, actions and social capability. With discoveries and interests as the beginning of self-learning, supports and assistances from teachers serve as the pivot. In “Life-based Enlightenment”, we follow childrens interest to design and develop flexible and project-based curriculum, empowering them for their first step of aesthetics, imagination and creativity through daily life.