Guidance for Students into Yungu High School
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Guidance for Students into Yungu High School

Yungu is a progressive Chinese boarding school dedicated to developing seven student competencies: Purpose, Agency, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Global Citizenship, and Entrepreneurship. These are the competencies of our ideal graduate— the ones needed for them to shape the world as innovators for social good.    


For Parents:

If the health and happiness of your child is paramount; if identifying, encouraging, and supporting their interests and passions are priorities; if preparing them to make positive contributions to the world is more important than the name of their college; and if you are comfortable with their making daily life choices; then Yungu may be the school for them.

For Students:

Do you like learning by doing? Have you experienced how much fun learning can be? When you’re working at something you love, do you lose track of time? Do you dream that you can make the world better? If so, Yungu may be the school for you. Yungu offers a unique academic program dedicated to developing innovators for social good. Students identify their strengths and find their passions; and no matter what those are, Yungu helps students develop them on pathways of their choosing.


Welcome to Yungu!

Details for enrollment:

The student enrollment of Hangzhou high schools in 2020 has ended. A total of 60 students have been admitted to Yungu high school. Now the school announces the admission list as the following:


Congratulations on becoming New Grains in Yungu.


Please click here ->  Admissions  for more information

(It is suggested that you fill in the form on the computer for better experience.)


On hotlines:0571-85062928

During the summer vacation (July 16 ~ August 10), please contact us by email.

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